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This year the Shenango Athletic Association and the New Castle Amateur Baseball Association have combined to form the Lawrence County Bronco Baseball League, and have decided as associations that we will play bronco for the 11/12 year old age group.
We have also combined our 9-10 little league and 7-8 instructional programs.
We would like to thank the ncaba in joining us in pioneering Bronco Baseball in Lawrence County. Most schools and organizations have already made the switch from the Pittsburgh area

1. Shenango , New Castle and Ellwood City have started a jr high baseball program where kids 12 and 13 will be playing on a major league size field next year.
2. The kids will be learning and playing real baseball rules for the first time,
3. Bronco ball is more exciting for the kids and challenging for the coaches.
Just for perspective, below are the "jumps" from little league distances to pony distances if we continue with no progression:

Distance: Minor (9-10)Major (11-12)Bronco (11-12) Pony (13-14)
Mound 46 feet 46 feet 50 feet 54 feet
Bases 60 feet 60 feet 70 feet 80 feet
Home/2nd base 85 feet 85 feet 99 feet 113 feet

You can see how there is no progression from minor league to major league, and the huge jump from major league to pony. You can also see where bronco makes that transition much easier. Not only are our kids making that huge jump from major league to pony league distances, but they also have to learn to lead off, get a jump off the pitcher when stealing, pitchers not only have to contend with pitching from 8 feet further away, but they now have to learn to pitch from the stretch, hold runners on, etc.

Come watch a game and see for yourself what a great game baseball can be for the kids.
Posted by Bruce Peterson, Created Thu May 13, 2010, Updated Fri May 14, 2010